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Funny how close to that we got by accident. We need to move because there will be one more of us. And we had found a place to rent.

But then we saw that, all of a sudden, it was for sale! And we were not in the flat yet so we did not feel too comfortable. I much preferred renting (hell, we probably won't even be in the same country in 10 years time...), my wife maybe swallows a little bit too easily some of the legends about housing but I tried to keep that in check.
Of course, renting in the UK is not the most pleasant situation, with the landlord able to raise the prices pretty much as he feels (that is highly regulated in France).

Anyway, we had agreed to rent it for 550 a week, which was a lot but with the nursery we had to be close to our workplace.
And we made the offer at... 480k (they were asking for 530). Which makes the rental price 5.96% of the offered price. Which they ended up accepting. So we're pretty much in the indifference zone.

On the other hand, it confirms that our Paris flat (which we failed to sell when the market just stopped) should not be worth what it would apparently sell for right now. Based on the rent (OK, maybe I could have a wee bit more but it's not too silly) it should be 260k€. And judging from the offers on the agencies (even taking 10% off) and what you read in the press it would probably go for 360k€.

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by Cyrille (cyrillev domain yahoo.fr) on Thu Jun 2nd, 2011 at 02:24:08 PM EST
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