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In Spain Zapatero won the second term lying about the crisis, saying the wasn't any crisis, but his government didn't publish the building and mortgages data compiled by the National Statistics Institute to avoid terrorizing european banks.

No he's practicing Shock Doctrine Lite, but after the municipal elections he'll be writing new austerity laws every friday with his ministers. And this is before asking to be rescued.

Yesterday he was congratulating Obama for murder.

But his peak moment was four years ago, saying that Spain GDP would ahead of Germany's by 2010.

If you don't believe me:

http://www.eleconomista.es/espana/noticias/131410/01/07/Economia-Macro-Zapatero-asegura-que-Espana-s uperara-la-renta-per-capita-de-Alemania-en-2010.html

This summer we'll probably see if Europe can bail out Spain or we sink.

by kukute on Thu May 5th, 2011 at 10:14:38 PM EST

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