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So goes the myth (I do not know if it is true, probably IS) that that gold was mostly bought during the Salazar time (our 20th century fascist dictator).

This is where narrative and myth start to become very dangerous: if we have to sell that gold, more and more voices will start suggesting that "in that time" things were much better managed (nevermind appalling statistics about infant mortality, poverty, class divide, war in Africa or lack of "less efficient" freedom of speech and democracy). I think we are on a dangerous path in regards to the construction of the myth of "the better government framework". Many people (right and left) already talk about how things were "well managed" at that time.

Beware the power of myths.

  1. Get the Euro
  2. Surrender sovereignty and get humiliated
  3. Forego democracy. Formal democracy at least, because informal one is currently being destroyed as we speak
by cagatacos on Fri May 6th, 2011 at 09:45:40 AM EST
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