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The Prime Minister, after 12 hours of "discussions" and "bargains" with the Conservative party leader Antonis Samaras, and well after it was announced that we are heading for a National Unity government led by him, changed his mind and around 10 o clock, announced that this whole charade was in order for him to reshuffle cabinet posts (possibly including "technocrats" - a term that sends shivers down my spine as it usually means "indoctrinated neoliberal ideologues") on Friday.

This theater of the absurd all day today, has made me pity the poor man: he is obviously so dumbfounded and without a clue as to what is happening that he can't help making a spectacle off himself even on critical issues (and critical for the whole world, judging from the fact that BBC news has consistently kept the developments in Greece as their leading story, today)...

And there were the demos / strikers of course. Like nothing I've seen before on many counts. Syntagma has started looking more like Tahrir than Puerta del Sol... I suppose though that I should write a diary about those? Perhaps tomorrow if you are all not too fed up with Greece-related posts... Otherwise I'll add a comment here...

Meanwhile: Paul Mason's "Greek state starting to lose grip on functions of state", is probably the most insightful description of the situation in Greece that I've seen reported by any foreign correspondent (despite the awkward title!). This photo, from the steps of Syntagma square today, summarizes a lot of what Mason is saying:

It reads "Decide now: By helicopter or by hearse"

[See also murplejane's excellent collection of photos from today's events]

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