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Some developments: The Indignants in Syntagma are to meet with the strikers that will march to Syntagma tomorrow. Together they will surround the Parliament and hope to block MPs from entering the building, as the discussion on the draconian medium-term programme. This has the police trying to figure out ways to allow entry to the Parliament...

In the mean time the government has suffered a double blow: One MP (a historical member of the old guard) has declared his independence and stated that he will vote against the programme. Another PASOK MP although still in the party, stated that he can't agree to the total privatization of the Electric Company (DEI), something expected since he is an MP from Kozani, DEI's national center and major power house.

Thus PASOK has at the moment 154 willing MPs (they need 151), and the strain against the remaining MPS is immense: all over Greece citizens file complaints and threaten their MPs in many tones. The fact that ~2 million Greeks have hit the street in disapproval (and are expected to reach new heights tomorrow and the day the programme will be voted in Parliament) also weighs heavily. At this point it's an open question whether the ECB programme will be approved by parliament, and summer elections (a rarity, historically) seem not improbable

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