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Here some data straight from the mouth of Hell:

http://www.bundesbank.de/download/volkswirtschaft/zahlungsbilanzstatistik/2011/zahlungsbilanzstatist ik052011.pdf

In the year 2010 Germany had a trade surplus with the EWU-Länder (17) that is the Eurozone numbering + 76.129 Billion €. And a current account surplus with the same countries at + 73. 379 billion €.

large surplusses with France, Austria, Italy, Spain and Belgium. A small one with Finland. Small deficit with Slovenia. Bit trade deficits with the Netherlands and Ireland.

My conclusion: Germany should leave the Euro at once, to devalue vis-a- vis Ireland and the Netherlands

by IM on Mon Jun 6th, 2011 at 07:11:05 AM EST

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