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DoDo" Most polls show a larger preference for a National Unity government but all conceivable combinations are on the table
There was discussion about referenda, after both the Chairman of the Greek Industrialists, and EU Comissioner Maria Damanaki "threatened" people with a referendum on whether to stay in the Euro or leave the Eurozone. This was posturing and nonsense of course. IMHO at this stage if the government tables a referendum on any conceivable topic, a majority will form supporting whatever the government is not for.

ARGeezer There are I believe two political openings: One for a party that will run on four issues:

  1. Restablish sovereignty
  2. Default now
  3. leave the Euro
  4. Kick out the immigrants
  5. Wave the flag

Were not LAOS foolish enough to support the Memorandum initially they would be well placed to mix and match elements of a populist agenda. Thankfully they were. Otherwise this would have co-opted the conservatives base at minimum and possibly a lot of other people as well...

The other opening is for a coalition to the left of the socialists that will

  1. Renegotiate seriously, ready to move unilaterally where it must
  2. Promise two years of hell but a growth prospect after that
  3. Re-establish collective bargaining and labor protection laws
  4. Renationalize public utilities and strategic industries
  5. Tax the rich - to an unprecedented extent
  6. Tackle corruption (though this is something that every government over the last 20 years has promised)

The latter must include disaffected socialists (and they are more than the non-disaffected right now), the Coalition of the Left, the Greens and anyone that decides that it is Popular Front time...

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom - William Blake
by talos (mihalis at gmail dot com) on Sat Jun 4th, 2011 at 04:22:00 PM EST
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