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Socialists and conservatives have converged to very low numbers:
According to a recent poll by MRB, Socialists and Conservatives are both at 21,5%, Communists at 8,1, The far-right LAOS at 6%, the Coalition of the Radical left at 4,1, Greens at 3,2%, a smaller party of the socialdemocrat left at 2,3% and the neoliberals at 2%, with others polling at 3,9%. 27,9% are undecided mainly but with plenty of blank / spoiled ballot intentions. This poll does not give a measure of (and does not count in the percentages) those that do not intend to vote at all.

The latest poll (that gives estimates of final results and not detailed party numbers) by VPRC (generally serious) has over 50% of voters either not intending to go to the polls, or voting none of the above in various ways. The numbers projected on total actual votes (that is if those that say they won't go actually abstain) are New Democracy (conservatives) 31%, PASOK 30,5%, Communists 12%, Laos (far-right) 7,5%, Coalition of the Radical Left 5,5%, Greens 3%, The Democratic Left is under the 3% parliamentary limit at 2,5%, Neoliberals, Gauchists, Nazis are at 1% each. These results allow only a Grand Coalition government...

Interestingly VPRC asked about votes in a referendum on accepting the troika memorandum and 61,5% would vote against, 18% for and 16% are not sure... 91% disapprove of the way the Greek government is managing the crisis...

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