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It was "ratified", disguised as the Lisbon Treaty, once rejected by the Irish, if memory serves, and brought back a year later, with minor changes to be voted in. This process, I would imagine, had the Irish persisted in saying "No", would have had involved N iterations of referenda until the "yes" vote triumphed. It was not, despite its equivalence to the rejected Constitutional treaty, brought to vote elsewhere in the EU.

This charade of forcing a treaty, repeatedly rejected by the peoples of the EU, by hook or by crook, was IMHO the most flagrant display of the EU elites' total disregard of european public opinion, and fed a legitimacy crisis that in turn "tuned out" large parts of the people of the EU to any discussion of the European project. Worse, the EU then handled the Crisis with neoliberalism embedded as a constitutional mandate. This didn't help. In fact, this contempt for popular dissatisfaction fed the nationalist far right, on the ascendant right now across the EU, and affecting policy in many countries already.

Were there a broader coalition against the passage of any treaty not prepared by a special constitutional session of the European Parliament, specifically elected on that mandate, instead of the SD subscribing to the neoliberal constitutional agenda remarketed as a sneaky Treaty, things just might have been a tad better at this point.

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by talos (mihalis at gmail dot com) on Sat Jun 11th, 2011 at 06:12:12 PM EST
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