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Many of your distances are too long, since roads take more curves than high-speed railroads. Your speeds are too high as well, since the top service speed is rarely the same as the top design speed - e.g. Beijing-Shanghai trains are limited to 300 km/h, London-York trains are limited to 201, Paris-Strasbourg trains are limited to 320, Seoul-Busan trains are limited to 305.

Some better travel distances - the French ones from Wikipedia, the British ones from actually drawing the lines in Google Earth and adding it up:

London-Birmingham: 181 km
London-Manchester: 295 km
London-Glasgow: 642 km
London-York: 303 km
Paris-Lyon: 425 km
Paris-Marseille: 720 km

Using the fastest speed attained every 1-2 hours, rather than the fastest daily train, we get average speeds of about 140 km/h on the WCML, 160 between London and York, 218 between Paris and Lyon, and 230 between Paris and Marseille.

by Alon (alon_levy1@yahoo.com) on Mon Jul 18th, 2011 at 04:41:21 AM EST
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