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I dealt with British distances in my own comment downthread; on the French, Wikipedia or this site can be used:

  • Paris [Gare de Lyon]-Lyon [Part Dieu]:the precise distance is 427.258 km (kilometerage changes: 29.426/0.000 at the start of the high-speed line outside Paris, 389.314/13.528 at the first station past the Lyon end; Lyon-Part Dieu: 5.010).
  • Paris [Gare de Lyon]-Marseille [Saint Charles]: I know the diary has Lyon-Marseille, but I too think this is more interesting (and non-stop trains bypass Lyon). The precise distance is 747.904 km (Marseille end kilometerage change: 711.001/854.580, Marseille-Saint Charles track endpoint: 862.057; I guess Alon forgot to add the Paris end conventional section), though for travel distance, you have to subtract 400 m for train length due to termini at both ends.

The best Paris-Marseille time is 183 minutes, giving a travel speed of 245.1 km/h.

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