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The go-to source is Ferropedia.

  • Madrid [Atocha]-Valencia: here Ferropedia lacks kilometerage, while the Spanish Wikipedia has an error (no indication of 0.0 at Atocha), but 391 km appears correct by checking against the sum of project section lengths. The ADIF Network Statement gives 362.9 km for the new line, + the Madrid-bifurcation point distance of 28.0 km is 390.9 km, again between termini, subtract 200 m.
  • Madrid [Atocha]-Barcelona [Sants]: 621.3 km
  • Madrid [Atocha]-Málaga: the kilometerage change is at 357.997/-0.094, Málaga at 154.517, thus the distance is 512.608 km. Again a case of two termini, thus actual travel distance is 200 or 400 m shorter.
  • Madrid [Atocha]-Sevilla: 471.8 km is probably the length of normal-gauge track, which extends beyond Sevilla station; the travel distance is 470.286 km.
  • Madrid [Chamartín]-Valladolid [Campo Grande]: due to a station relocation, the Madrid end is actually at 0.5 on the old line, and the normal-gauge track kilometerage was apparently started in sync, thus travel distance is 179.1 km.
  • Barcelona [Sants]-Perpignan: Ferropedia only has the Barcelona Sants to Figueres-Alt Empordá distance (129 km) and the length of the PPP section (44.38 km), but the rest is two short sections each 2-3 km long, thus about 178-179 km altogether.

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