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Honestly, you are all much too focused on energy efficiency. There is nothing inherently enviormentally damaging about the use of energy. The damage comes from, and is dependant on the fossile basis of our current transport. If the future features flagrantly energy prolifigrate transport systems such, oh, supersonic vaccum maglev, that is not a problem as long as the electricity driving everything is clean. Energy does not equate to carbon or enviormental damage.
Carbon equates to Carbon.

A plan of action that focuses on cleaning up electricity production and substituting forms of goods and services that are electricity dependant for goods and services that are oil dependant is approximately infinitely more likely to actually get carried out than one that relies on getting people to do without energy intensive goods and services. Hairshits do not win elections.

by Thomas on Fri Jul 22nd, 2011 at 09:24:25 AM EST
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