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On my first trip to Europe back in the early 90's a lot to time was spent on trains. I fell in love with trains, and train travel. From the first journey from Uppsala, Sweden to Göteborg, viewing the snowy landscape from the elegant, white tablecloth dining car, to night trains in Germany, where much of the time was spent standing in the narrow aisle ways sipping cognac and engaging in conversation with passer-bys. As I recall, the only difficulty was actually sleeping.

Small, compact, bunk-like quarters that go clank-clank in the night are one problem, but I can't imagine the additional stress of sleeping with strangers. Maybe when I was younger it would have sounded more interesting. I think I'd like to check out some of those luxury cabins eurogreen speaks of. I love the concept of getting from one place to another while sleeping, using the time wisely, but couldn't the experience be upgraded slightly and still make money for the railroad? Or am I just a solitary thinker/dreamer in this regard?

by sgr2 on Sat Jul 23rd, 2011 at 06:21:34 AM EST
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