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Yates pushes blame onto Ed Llewelyn Camerons Chief of staff

Number 10 publishes emails, (Via Guardian)

Turning away from the Murdochs for a moment, Downing Street have just sent out the email exchange between John Yates and Ed Llewellyn that Yates mentioned in his evidence to the home affairs committee.

Here they are:

10 September 2010: John Yates to Ed Llewellyn:


Hope all well.

I am coming over to see the PM at 12.30 today regarding [redacted: national security] matters. I am very happy to have a conversation in the margins around the other matters that have caught my attention this week if you thought it would be useful.

Best wishes,


Response: 10 September 2010: Ed Llewellyn to John Yates:

John -

Thanks - all well.

On the other matters that have caught your attention this week, assuming we are thinking of the same thing, I am sure you will understand that we will want to be able to be entirely clear, for your sake and ours, that we have not been in contact with you about this subject.

So I don't think it would really be appropriate for the PM, or anyone else at No 10, to discuss this issue with you, and would be grateful if it were not raised please.

But the PM looks forward to seeing you, with Peter Ricketts and Jonathan Evans, purely on [redacted: national security] matters at 1230.

With best wishes,


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