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Actually neo-liberal policies might "solve" the resources issue: If you send vast swathes of the population to misery, starvation, unemployment then you "solve" the resources problem. Unfortunately I am only half-joking: It seems that that is the current way.

I agree with your view save one thing:

The raw materials crisis is less well charted waters (and also out of my pay grade).

It cannot be above your pay-grade. I think that there is a relative analytical agreement on the situation, therefore we need to start charting the waters (even if with rough maps). We need to discuss the politics of scarcity, the economics of scarcity, the community organizing, the individual responses. How to deal with family, neighbours, communities that are in denial. How to tie the financial crisis with the resource crisis... And start acting.

The way things are going none of us will be able to avoid these issues: they will knock on your door.

by cagatacos on Fri Aug 12th, 2011 at 03:55:02 PM EST
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