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Monarchy is the answer.

Well NO. At some point during those terrible years under Milosevic after ex YU collapsed a really thought that monarchy may be the answer at least for Serbia. But our monarch was distant, born in UK, he cannot speak Serbian (even today)...not that Tito was very good in Serbo-Croatian (who knows where he was born and who he was actually)...And I realised that you cannot go backwards and monarchy is a thing of past and should be.
At the time, being naive, I had a great trust in democracy...not anymore. I am feeling like I am disappointed twice now. First with socialism that also was a very good idea ...as idea...as theory...but in reality it was nothing short of dictatorship. Now I am disappointed with democracy that also is a good idea, in theory but reality is it is just a smart type of dictatorship of the few rich. Freedom of speech, well nice, I can say whatever I want and not end up in jail, I can organize (to some extend) with others but if what we can "speak" is totally irrelevant and can't change anything it's just a kind of entertainment. Whoever tries to really enter political field will find all those same barriers. And with minimal difference between left and right why bother entering?
I am looking forward to the times when together with other professions that are disappearing thanks to technology we'll see profession of politician disappear, ha-ha. Not in my life time...or probably ever.
There are times when "strong hand" is needed but it also can be wrong because we know now whose "strong hand" it could only be.
The way things go one could expect that at some point human consciousness may develop enough to be able to work for the better for all of us...but with manipulations of giant proportions as we see it nowadays I am  afraid that time is very very distant. Our generation had not passed the test...maybe young will think of something? Seeing them right now paralysed and confuse in this world that we are leaving to them I am not that optimistic unfortunately...  but who knows...

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein

by vbo on Mon Aug 22nd, 2011 at 09:25:34 PM EST
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