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All we need is to liberate ourselves from these unearned increments (rentiers and monopolists) and with modern technology we all could live free, equal, just and wealthy life.  

Hah, let's not go in to the fantasy world, hahaha
I am asking in these circumstances what is to be done so that we avoid total collapse. Something that CAN be done realistically and that we people can applaud governments for doing it?
As I am watching economic analysts here every day, their comments are darker and darker and predictions very grim. Seems like it's now either huge inflation (and eventually collapse) or default of USA and EU countries falling like dominos (and collapse sooner or later).As for EU seems like they are trying to find way to let all the others default except UK, France and of course Germany (and maybe Scandinavia)...But they are all attached on a same rope and "stone" is pretty heavy and will soon reach bottom of the "swamp".
So according to analysts collapse is unavoidable sooner or later , one way or the another...I saw the other day how in UK they have machines ( like money machines) but instead of money they give you small plates of gold...why do they need it? Is it going to be our money?
I have million questions because I never experienced crises this huge in capitalism...I know nighter did you but at least you have some experience and knowledge from your ancestors...
When I asked people in New Zealand how was it during the crises in 1987 ( I think) they told me : "Everybody you know had lost job...many people lost their houses...it was dangerous to walk CBD cause rich  were jumping from those high buildings"...OK maybe they exaggerated things a little.
And it was market crash...now we have banks very much exposed...

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...Albert Einstein

by vbo on Sun Aug 21st, 2011 at 09:55:58 AM EST
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