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Gotta be careful. The law of unintended consequences lurks.


So often left out of this discussion is the political dimension, which has explained all along the need for a part of the Greek leadership to do anything to please the core.

When Greece is cut loose, it will become the American vassal state it always really was. As the USA-Israel-Turkey trio breaks apart, they are trying to shoehorn Greece into a strategic agreement. Greece is now buying weaponry from Israel--no longer showering European arms manufacturers with borrowed dough. But Greece better be careful not to get too entangled because the money that the USA and Israel might throw its way will hurt its relations with Turkey. Economics says form a tight strategic relationship with Israel and the USA. But neighborliness says otherwise.

Turkey is pressing Greece (and Cyprus which wants to explore natural gas deposits south of Cyprus) precisely because of this burgeoning relationship.

by Upstate NY on Tue Sep 13th, 2011 at 09:01:44 AM EST
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