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Not suggesting that my definition is the same as the druid. When I think about catabolic I think about "catabolic state" which many times is used as related to protein catabolism (certainly in fitness, but also in science pubs. Just google for catabolic state and also in some cases in google scholar).

While catabolism is obviously more general, I kinda like the implications of the use related to catabolic state: cut in protein (cut in what is important). I think we are going to see this kind of societal options in the future: due to lack of resources, people cut the "retrograde" (e.g. trains), but arguably more fit for a future with less energy.

There is indeed an "impedance" between highly individualistic ideologies (e.g. car good, train bad) and an energy constrained future. Thus many decisions that cut on the muscle and maintain the fat.

by cagatacos on Sat Sep 3rd, 2011 at 12:36:20 PM EST
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