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It is quite possible that certain elites are no dumbheads and foresee an inevitable collapse of the current global developments. So they (presumably) take the matter of selecting and implementing catabolisms into their own hands. If so, their plan and resolution are impressive, well concealed, with plenty of approximate reasons of ideological follies and individual rationalities.

In this particular case, catabolising on trains and public service does not immediately seems to release "needed" resources, even if only for the elites. It looks more like that the broad elites decided that some 60-80 years of enhanced public infrastructure was an optionally shared privilege, and that they have all sovereignty to end that. They seem to enjoy denying more and more service to those unable to keep up with rent charges. And with little doubt, that's were the elite consideration broadly ends. But the consistent direction towards intense overshoot and sharp social differentiation makes the problem of intelligent design recognition no laughing matter.

by das monde on Sun Sep 4th, 2011 at 01:52:16 AM EST
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