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Here's a strategy document from the San Diego power company that seems to suggest that they plan support 20% electric vehicle penetration by 2020 (p. 217).


The Walgreens drugstore chain plans to install car charging stations in Colorado Springs (800 around the country) for what appear to be primarily "green" marketing reasons.


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The ability to support is an upper limit on penetration, not a penetration estimate. Compare "US homes passed by cable TV" to "US homes connected to cable TV" (the former figure is - ballparking since I do not have my reference handy - about twice as large as the latter).

Depending on local geography, I could easily imagine that the difference in infrastructure rollout required for supporting 20 % is not materially greater than that required to support 5 %. In that case, any demand forecast between 5 and 20 % would result in essentially the same infrastructure rollout.

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