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Seriously misrepresenting... speaking of which...

As expected, you arrived to assist Miguel in his beat-up of a strawman.

All I ever claimed is that resource constraints arguably triggered the current crisis; neither I nor, as far as I can tell, anyone on ET has argued that the current crisis is characterised by resource constraints.

In any case, whatever triggered the crisis, we can rest assured that the 1% will continue to use it to further their interests, with shock-doctrine tactics to change the rules to their advantage.

And because the crisis is actually complex and multiform, refusing to consider one aspect of it doesn't actually help in searching for solutions. Miguel's crusade for ideological purity seems to stem from Jerome's observation, among other things, that Portugal's trade deficit from oil imports was far larger than its trade deficit with the rest of the EU.

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by eurogreen on Mon Jan 30th, 2012 at 06:18:13 AM EST
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