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This. Dont do this. Ever. If you manage to sell this idea to the public, the green movement dies, because that is what happens to political movements that advocate poverty.

I really wish people would stop shilling austerian visions in the name of ecology - it is political idiocy, because the austerians are going to loose, and if the green movement ties itself to them, it will drown with them.

What is needed is a vision of eternal prosperity, which is perfectly achivable - All resources save energy are infinitely recyclable and energy is abundant. Oil and coal are convenient but I can name at least 3 technologies that can supply substantially greater-than-current energy use for > a billion years and at reasonable costs, too.

Nuclear fission (Breeders exist and supply grid power at reasonable prices. This makes them proven tech. Assuming 4x current energy use, we run out of uranium sometime after the sun swells and eats planet earth)

Desert solar + HVDC: The sahara is pretty darn big, and pretty darn sunshiny. Why the heck would anyone live a life of energy scarcity when instead you can simply make the solar array bigger? It is not like we are going to run out of sand.

Wind + Serious Storage; I really do want to see small mountains floating on hydralic pistons in my lifetime. Because that would be awesome

by Thomas on Wed Jan 25th, 2012 at 06:53:37 AM EST
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