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Requires a level of state control which is not only morally dubious, but also impossible in most places. China can enforce it because of the omnipresence and authoritarianism of the Chinese state aparatus, in the rest of the third world, it would just not work, and in the first world, it would get repealed in a single election cycle.  Most of what can be achived by moral and practical means in this area has been. There are minor exceptions - if you want to campaign to end abstinence only, I am not going to question your motives, but in general, people who bring up population control as an answer to resource crunches creep me the fuck out.
At best it means they are operating on a mental model of third world demograpics that is twenty, thirty years out of date, and the options go downhill very far and very rapidly thereafter.
by Thomas on Wed Feb 8th, 2012 at 10:56:53 AM EST
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