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Unfortunately or not we cannot go back with or without time machine...unless we destroy civilization completely and survivors start from the caves. Even then some of them may have advanced knowledge compared to cave man and would come back faster. It hopefully is not going to happen...But remembering all those sci-fiction books and movies I am more scared that "machines" are going to overcome and rule us...give them a "brain" and they may not need us , ha-ha, unless as slaves...
Are we going to become idiots? And not only in face to face communication ( which I find most scary)...I don't know...Yes, because of the helpful technology next generation will not think the same way we did and they will definitely advance faster but they will be hopeless and helpless without technology. And with planet raging and fighting back (climate change) they may find themselves very often without power (remember Sandy and other storms, tsunamis etc. not to mention ever more frequent wars). Let's face it, next generation can hardly cook let alone to be able to find food in nature or start fire without lighter (they may have never seen matches, ha-ha). Also with technology comes independence and this alienates people at close contact (family, friends, neighbours...) and in case of emergency we cannot rely on our overseas internet friends and family.    
There is much more on negative side that we can think off right now. Obviously positive side we can all understand.
by vbo on Tue Nov 13th, 2012 at 09:46:59 PM EST
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