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All true...but there are some "but"s in it.

Then, of course, reproductive medical technologies have provided greater control over the timing of fertility with obvious advantages.

As much as I congratulate new medical technologies in reproductive field I also see negative side of it to the point that people prolong or in the end simply abound having kids and making families. Few days ago here on TV they told us how they developed procedure to make ovaries of 45 year old woman working like she is 25. Having one daughter in here mid 30s and still single, unmarried and childless I applauded this, but on broader picture this will now make women too prolonging even more their search for the "right man" and in the age of 45 they are not going to find him ( being "too smart" at that age). I am afraid this will only make more people (man and woman) lonely and childless at their old age. But from past discussions I remember that a lot of you here find having kids not all that important...  I find it very important and not just because of survival of human race (let's just not go in to discussion how there are more than enough humans on Earth) but more like because of the happiness and fulfilment that kids bring in to people's life ...Look at Japan...look at Italy and their ghost towns and villages with no kids...Our population is aging and becoming more sad...
by vbo on Tue Nov 13th, 2012 at 10:38:15 PM EST
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