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I hope the author will allow me this shameful linking, as I already bought all his books... If not, please comment here, and I'll remove the pics.

The link to this (excellent) comic author is this one.

The pitch: Carrot top and moustache-man are in the subway. Moustache-man goes into a rant about the two lovers communicating by text-messenging. Carrot top gets a reminiscence of a time when he and his girlfriend were doing the same, and actually joking about the guys in front of them nad their peculiar sense of clothing. Curious parallels emerge...

My commentary: behind the technology, there is often another human whith whom we communicate. The problem is more the availabity we consent to the people actually being at the same place as us.

by Xavier in Paris on Tue Nov 13th, 2012 at 08:26:10 AM EST

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