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Now while we are at it, let me tell you about Minecraft and my granddaughter and mine concerns. Minecraft (whatever it is and I do not have a clue) seems to be very addictive. See here:
My granddaughter already spends a way too much time on a computer playing other games and now she discovered Minecraft. She also have something like mini play station that goes on line and that's where she plays it ( she also have her own computer at dads and here).I suspect that dad being IT engineer and computer fanatic allows her to spend way too much time on it ( as we do :(  because we can't keep her off it). Now that's not what bothers me that much because everyone said that Minecraft is great for creativity and imagination and knowledge, but tonight I heard (and she told me) that she is chatting with few friends of the friend from real life (those two she/we never met before in real life). One of the boys was 15 years old and she is just 11. How parents control what happens there? One can control emails and Skype (to extend) but this seems to be dangerous because you can't control who she is talking to I suppose...
And also cyber bullying is one of the things that scare me a lot after seeing one movie about it.
Now I am more involved with all those things because of our situation and other grandparents may probably enjoy their old age without knowing what's going on in cyber space :) ...
by vbo on Wed Nov 14th, 2012 at 08:01:05 AM EST

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