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OMG...Look at this:

I had to pull the plug on minecraft and ban it. Dd11 was addicted to it to the point she goes through withdrawals when off it and was having meltdown tantrums when I'd tell her to get off the game. It's pretty bad, she would demand to play from early morning until bedtime, refused to participate in family things, chores, schoolwork ect. She wouldnt even come away to get food and would literally starve unless I brought her food to eat at the computer and then forgot to eat half the time due to being absorbed in the game. She ignored my flat out order not to install minecraft on other computers and put it on all on them and even my phone. She refused to be without the game for even just a few minutes.

When I pulled the plug she started watching others play it on YouTube all day.

The end result? I had to take away the iPad and all computers now have a CMOS boot password and password protected screen savers that kick in in 1 minute. It's a full on addiction problem and it's not healthy. She expects to be entertained every second of every day and while yes the game meets that need limiting her to an hour a day did not work either so I banned it.

Oh yeah, I never PAID for the game yet she had full access, she learned on YouTube how to play for free which I'm pretty sure is illegal. She didn't understand the problem with pirating,

If she could limit her time on the game and remain civil as well as contribute to family life I'd be open to the game but just as with the Roblox game I had to ban it and take even more drastic action to cut her off. She has been in counciling a long time and even the counciler agreed it was time to pull the plug. Minecraft is not good or healthy IMO. Kids need to be active, not staring at a screen. We're about to go screen free again period (were for 3 years) if that's what it takes to get family life back.

Talking about addiction and ruined family life...honestly I can see it at my own house. All of us spend too much time on a computer...and mobile phones...
by vbo on Wed Nov 14th, 2012 at 08:27:20 AM EST
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