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I think we need to take into account what I call The First Law of Narcissism: Everyone needs to think well of themself. People will go to great lengths to be able to maintain a good opinion of themselves, and a lot of those lengths involve psychological tricks. These include rationalizations, projection, splitting, and, especially, denial. I am certain that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson thought well of themselves - even though they were slaveholders. The injustice of slavery even bothered Washington enough for him to take action. He willed that his slaves be emancipated upon his wife's death. She emancipated them a year after his death. Jefferson would have liked to do so also but debt prevented him and his estate from freeing more than a few, though he was more conflicted on the subject of slavery. These are just two examples on one subject from US History.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."
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