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From the Calcutt report 20 years ago after the last avoided attempt to regulate the press

We must have statutory regulation - and liberation - of the press | Head of Legal

The press having tried to regulate its Mellor problem itself, Sir David reported to Mellor's successor, Peter Brooke, that (summary, para. 5)

The Press Complaints Commission is not, in my view, an effective regulator of the press ... It is not the truly independent body which it should be. As constituted, it is, in essence, a body set up by the industry, financed by the industry, dominated by the industry, and operating to a code of practice devised by the industry and which is over-favourable to the industry.

and that, in the two years since the first report (summary paras. 8-9),

Nothing that I have learned about the press has led me to conclude that the press would now be willing to make, or that it would in fact make, the changes which would be needed.

Accordingly, I recommend ... that the Government should now introduce a statutory regime.

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