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What troubles me is the apparently-universally-agreed idea that if you send somebody an e-mail or a text, then that is automatically part of the official record. That approach undermines the Internet as a way to provide remote communication comparable to "air interface" communication--i.e. voice.

If corrupt PM and corrupt rich person get together at a bar and talk about stuff, then unless there is a hidden tape recorder, there's no way to put that discussion into the record. Maybe that is good or maybe it is bad.

But if the same corrupt PM and corrupt rich person send the exact same message via SMS, suddenly it morphs into a digital message that is automatically public information. I suppose they could use e-mail and encrypt the text, but that seems a bit burdensome. Why is a text automatically a public record?

Not sure how to reconcile this...

by asdf on Mon Nov 5th, 2012 at 10:40:50 AM EST

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