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When I was in my mid 30s a friend and his wife had a horse in Topanga Canyon, a rustic, mountainous part of Los Angeles. They were of the opinion that she was too skittish to ride. He was showing me the horse and she was beside a platform about four foot high next to the coral. I sat down on the platform next to the unsaddled horse, patted it for a while and then just slipped onto her bareback. My friend said: "Well, I'll be damned!" Horses know. When I was 9 and wanted to ride our horse I had to talk my father into putting on the bridle, (I could get the saddle on her), and then riding her around the pasture a ways. Then she would be cooperative and walk nicely with me and who ever else I had up behind me. But she would not let me put on the bridle.

The time I discussed above, we had friends over and they had an 11 year old daughter with them. She helped me get the bridle on. We tied a rope around the mare's neck and tied it short to a fence post. That kept her head where I could get to it from a box. After getting the bridle on I got into the saddle and asked Anita to throw a rock at the old workhorse stallion that had been following our mare around. I didn't have a really good understanding of the phrase "in heat". She threw the rock, the stallion ran, and our horse and I ran after him with me pulling on the bridle to no avail.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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