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well, yes, they are all out to get you. Its all a big conspiracy.

On the other hand, the "serious" people like yourself around here seem to to advance policies that center around either printing more money or directly taking it from Germany in order to finance consumption in Greece and similar places, burdening the coming German generations with even more absurdly high debt that it already has.

Every Euro in debt needs to be paid for, each year, in interest, money that is missing elsewhere. The German federal government in 2001 already spent more than 16% of its budget only to pay interest alone - one in seven tax Euros goes directly to the banks, without actually helping anyone.  Meanwhile streets and public infrastructure crumble, the social net is subject to increasing budget cuts and the ability of the political system to effect change is shrinking every day.

Any suggestion to increase this incredible and obscene amount of debt is somewhere between dangerously foolish and willfully and destructively reckless.  

Accusing Germans who occasionally point this out of propaganda shows only how far the loss of reality in these small self-debating circles has progressed.

The mostly inevitable crash of Greece is a menetekel, a living example of where no nation wants to end, under any circumstances.  But, apparently, the leading debaters around here want nothing more than bring the whole of Europe to that point, into a deadly spiral of debt, inflation, bankruptcy and collapse.

There are good arguments to point to issues that need solving; and the trade imbalance in Europe is certainly one of them. But as long as the policy prescriptions from "theorists like you" (to quote your own expression) only consist of money printing and transfer payments, you should not be surprised to be treated the way you are.

by cris0 on Fri Feb 17th, 2012 at 09:06:14 PM EST
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