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Treaty of Versailles.

So you are one of those Germans who, a few months ago, I suggested might be favoring the current treatment of Greece on the grounds that this was what was done to Germany via the Treaty of Versailles! The repetition-compulsion neurosis of Freud: do unto others as has been done unto you.  And my suggestion was dismissed here as being unlikely. By the way, the problem with that behavior is not just that it is unjust, but that it doesn't even work - at least to relieve the anxieties which provoke the behavior.

We never learn. The stupidities of our ancestors we compulsively repeat. But this reminds me of descriptions of my behavior at age 3 with my cousins. My girl cousin was a year older and larger. My boy cousin was my age but smaller. She would hit me and I would hit him! Not very noble, but that is how children are.

The response of visiting on Greece the sort of devastation that was visited on Germany after WW I is, at best, neurotic. Greece never attacked Germany, quite the opposite. And Hitler repaid France in spades for Clemenceau's infamous 'pound of flesh' revanchist treaty. But that didn't stick, so now you want to accomplish by economic means what could not be accomplished by military!  Q.E.D.

Having read accounts of Versailles, including Keynes' The Economic Consequences of the Peace, which reads like a summary of inter war events but was written in 1919, I felt that France, if not the other countries attacked by Germany in the late '30s, had brought a good portion of its disaster upon itself, (by no means to excuse Nazi Germany for its actions).

Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

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