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Except, of course, you, and me, and just about everybody else understands that Greece is neither able nor willing to ever pay that money back.

Which makes that "loan" what?

Default does not equal lack of eventual payment. You can bet Greece will pay these loans back. I hope you also realize that the amount loaned to Greece so far is 80 billion, 13 billion of which come from Germany.

In all prior defaults, even when the money wasn't loaned to Greece but instead to a Bavarian prince who used the cash for his own purposes, Greece paid the money back (unlike in Germany's defaults) at often incredibly high interest rates (20%+++).

The troika loans have seniority over all other loans, and now we find out the ECB just swapped its bond purchases in the secondary markets for senior notes.

by Upstate NY on Sat Feb 18th, 2012 at 10:09:02 AM EST
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