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You missed 12%! They add up to 95%. The rest of the 95% is "others", which could mean anything from "Arma Politon" (yet another splinter group from the pulverization of the socialists), to the Hunter party, to the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist - Leninist) (which BTW recently announced that is re-merging with the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Greece. A monumental move...)

The anti-troika parties propose:

The Communist Party: the Nationalization of all major industries and a process of seccession from the EU and leaving the euro, refuse paying back any debt.

SYRIZA: Demanding a 3-5 year moratorium on payments, that would include using a small part of the bail-out money to heat=up the economy on a plan that would include creation of public sector jobs ("green", social, infrastructure etc) and nationalization of at least part of the banking system, through which SMEs could be funded, along with an internal debt haircut for indebted households and businesses proportional to income. Annulment of changes in labor law

DemAr: The renegotiation of parts of the treaty, and the creation of a plan that would substitute cost-cutting measures striking at the core of the welfare state with other expenditures and a review of labor laws. Working with the troika and the EU to find a gentler path towards restructuring. They are also implying that such negotiations might be (starting with the French elections) much more politically viable in the near future.

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