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if a state like Greece leaves the EU there wont be any short-term recovery.

If Greece fails to leave the Euro, there will be no state of Greece that can experience a recovery. Long or short term.

We're two years late and twenty percentage points of unemployment short for the "keep the Euro" side of this discussion to have any rational basis in observable reality.

Moreover, things like a long term shortage of fuels can perform social transformations that may not even be possible to reverse.

Yeah, being a structural trade deficit country with a strategic import dependency on food or fuel sucks.

Now please tell me how allowing the ECB to destroy your society, government and economy will make that better?

The lack of internal production on the primary and secondary sectors, and the cut off from external markets would impose problems that couldn't be solved either easily or fast.

You keep talking about this mythical state of being "cut off from external markets" as if it had been actually observed anywhere in history as a result of a sovereign default and de-pegging.

It hasn't. Stop scaring people with monsters under the bed. It's fundamentally dishonest.

True, a lot can be done at the community level, but the impoverishment would still be huge.

The improverishment is already huge.

The best parallel I can draw is with what happened to Cuba and North Korea once the USSR collapsed.

You need to make an actual positive case for that before I'll even bother pointing out all the obvious reasons that comparison is horseshit. With plenty of historical counterexamples.

- Jake

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