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You don't drive "one of us" to IMF riots, which indicates that Greece is not perceived as one of us in Brussels and Frankfurt and that is the real problem.

Of course. Wasn't that clear from the beginning?

There is a tiny economic area (no, with a currency union that expression doesn't make sense). Start new: there is a tiny area that managed to break away from the old arch-enemy and chose us. It hasn't much of a business idea, but who cares? It's one territory and without question the centre has to transfer funds to the parts of the periphery that are at a disadvantage. Perhaps one day it will even be the other way round, who knows? You noticed that I am talking of the Saarland, I hope.

It just depends on the  definition of us, and that means the definition of the European idea.

by Katrin on Mon Mar 19th, 2012 at 05:43:20 AM EST
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