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I'm not sure I fully understood all of that and so my point may be similar:  There is a distinction between academic and policy analysis.  Academic analysis should be wholly  objective/fact driven - but rarely is. Policy analysis focuses on the policy leavers and factors over which you actually have some influence/control. So it makes sense for those of engaged primarily in the EU policy/politics space to focus on the shortcomings of the EU/Eurozone itself. That is not to say anglo neo-liberal influences haven't exerted a baleful influence on EU policy/decision makers and may indeed be the cause for a lot of our ills. But it is easier to address the known and obvious defects in the design of the Eurozone project itself rather than to be tilting at generalised neo-lib shibboleths and windmills all the time... If we could fix the structural defects and lack of solidarity in the Eurozone architecture, we wouldn't have to worry over-much about what the City/Wall street are up to.

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