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It's being reported that Portugal is cutting back its renewables 2020 plans significantly, with windpower goals slashed 23%.  The revision is not yet set, it's a proposed revision.

Windpower Monthly

The proposals, published last week by the economy ministry, project only 949 MW of additional wind power capacity by 2020 for a total of 5300 MW.

This is a 23% drop on the country's existing target of 6950MW target.

Predicting that the economic crisis will reduce GDP by 8% in 2020, the government said Portugal will neither need, nor be able to afford, as much renewables capacity as previously estimated.

Apart from 1.6GW of licensed capacity in the pipeline, all new renewables projects would be suspended until 2014/2015. Thereafter new licenses would be issued only if achieving the reduced 2020 targets were in doubt.

The proposal document was removed from the ministry website "for technical reasons" shortly after publication and has not reappeared.

We're becoming slaves to the Shock Doctrine.

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by Crazy Horse on Wed Apr 25th, 2012 at 11:22:28 AM EST

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