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Here the latest poll from a dutch pollster:


April 22, and they tend to show expected seats in the second chamber, not percentages:

VVD                 33 Seats (+2)    
PVV                 19 Seats (-5)      
CDA                 11 Seats (-10)
VVD+PVV+CDA         63 Seats (-13)
PvdA                24 Seats (-6)
SP                  30 Seats (+15)
D66                 15 Seats (+5)
Groen Links          5 Seats (-5)
ChristenUnie         6 Seats (+1)
SGP                  3 Seats (+1)
Partij voor de Dieren 3 Seats (+1)
50Plus                1 Seats (+1)

So PVV and PdA suffers, but CDA who already lost the last election, loses most. ChristenUnie and SGP, who are fundamnetalists - I think one protestant, one catholic -, are fine, also PvdD - animals!. GL and D66 seem so swap voters and the SP wins from PdA, CDA and PVV.

The combined left gets 74 seats (PdA, SP, D66, GL), two less then needed.

by IM on Fri Apr 27th, 2012 at 05:33:34 AM EST

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