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Couple of ideas:

  1.  The first accomplishment needing to be done is stop the bleeding.  

  2.  Recognize Greece has a Public Relations problem.  You're not going to solve the mess solely on your own so you need political allies and to do that you'll need to change the current CW in the rest of Europe you're all a bunch of wastrels.  "Scruffy Southerns," in Migeru's phrase.  A necessary - IMO - action to take to drive this is ...

  3.  Bring the corrupt to justice.  Not only the politically corrupt but also their "enablers" in the economic realm.  I note people in the Nordic countries take a dim view of public corruption and when the message is driven home that most of the problem(s) in Greece was caused by corruption and you're taking steps to bring the guilty to account you'll have a two'er.

  4.  And I can't emphasis this enough: SYRIZA needs it's own media organizations to 'get the word out' in Greece and elsewhere in the EU.  If you do as hoped TPTB are going to attack you 24/7 for everything from being UnSerious© to goat fucking.  You'll start off with a good deal of Street Cred but you'll lose it if you don't fight.  And remember you're doing mass media Journalism and you'll need to use the forms and techniques of mass media Journalism, i.e., Take a Lesson from Murdoch.

  5.  Catchy Slogan for your policies.  Something like "Greece is Working."

The way this would work is, let's say, restructuring the Greek power industry:

Stop the Bleeding: reduce the need for Greece to import oil

Bring the Guilty to Justice: attack the oil importers for selling Greece out to foreign multinationals.  Prosecute people and businesses for corruption, special favors, etc.

Greece is Working: programs to build wind, solar, etc. power production units, building urban mass transit systems to reduce the need for imported oil, & all that kinda stuff.

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by ATinNM on Tue May 1st, 2012 at 01:12:55 PM EST

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