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New Democracy: ... They will be blissful if the approach or surpass 30%, seem more likely to get 24-27%, will have serious prblems if they fall under 23%.

So very serious problems.

PASOK. .. Anything over 20% (they had 44% in 2009) will be greeted with relief and joy by Venizelos. Anything under 16% as a disaster, especially if they lose second place as rumoured possible.

Disaster it is.

SYRIZA. ... anything over 13% is a triumph, anything in double digits good, and below that a disaster.

Triumph, shining!

KKE. ... Anything over 11% is a triumph for the party, anything below 9 a defeat


LAOS. ... If they enter parliament they will throw a party. If they don't they will disintegrate

Looks like they can disintegrate.

Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) Nazis. ... They will be happy to enter parliament however and its likely that they will

The fuckers are in.

Anexartiti Ellines. ... Will be happy with anything over 9%. Anything lower than 5% will be a defeat.

Are happy in the end.

Democratic Left: ... Will be very content with anything over 7%, Ok with !5-7%.

They are OK I guess.

Democratiki Symmakhia (democratic alliance): ... They are one of the crutches that the two parties can use if they can't form a government by themselves. If she enters parliament. If she doesn't make it to parliament the party will be annihilated.


Drasi - Liberal Alliance: ... Might win the intra-liberal war, and just might, make it to parliament. In which case Manos might end up as a Prime Minister in a coalition government

No PM post for Mr. Manos.

Ecologist - Greens: ... They will be delighted with anything over 4% But making it into Greek parliament for the first time would probably be OK

Not OK, apparently. Anti-troika voters lost; though more pro-troika votes were wasted on the liberals.

ANTARSYA. ... They will probably pass the 1% limit for the first time ever for a grouping of the extreme left in Greece. Anything over 2% would be a triumph though...

Apparently not?

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by DoDo on Sun May 6th, 2012 at 07:01:22 PM EST

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