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Yes, IMO.

There are complications though and for that reason I will offer what I think it will be an alternative solution to avoid a repetition and the ire of the EU Overlords and/or the "Markets".

PASOK is dead. Urgent need to form a new center-left/socialist party. Those who get stuck with the ruins of PASOK sign their political death.
ND is no better condition and might disintehrate as well.
DEM AR has no good choices and will go along.

Their dilemma is if they go it together, they will take the brutal beating  for governing in such a context and their future will be compromised forever.

What might be more acceptable and might give them a chance to regroup is to support a solution more acceptable to the electorate.

Here's my prediction then: they call for a national salvation government under..... PAPADEMOS and pretty much leave thigs as they are which will definitely please the foreigners and calm the markets.

p.s: Papademos is not loathed or held responsible even though he is a technocrat working for the Troika.

by Euroliberal on Mon May 7th, 2012 at 06:40:17 AM EST
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