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I summed up/commented plans for this law back in May:


The article has a breakdown of the planned rates. Most run for 20 years.

  • Rates for solar encourage larger plants: the rate is uniform (and rather generous at c. €0.42/kWh), but plants under 10 kW get it for ten years only.
  • OTOH rates for wind encourage small-scale wind: while the c. €0.23/kWh rate for large wind is generous, sub-20-kW turbines get two and a half times that much! No differentation for off-shore.
  • Minihydro rates are also generous, and favour smaller plants (three levels set between the lower wind and the solar rate).
  • I suspect geothermal rates aren't that generous: the higher one, for sub-15-MW plants, is set to the same level as solar.
  • There is biomass, too.

The high rates are explicitly aimed at creating a boom in the first three years. However, there is no word about the method of degression thereafter.

I wonder what details if any changed; the linked article has few details.

Quibbling: for an industry site, washing together output and capacity is a significant mistake.

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