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Ehh.. 40 percent of the japanse population lives in apartments. Powering a condominium off the power you can produce on the shared roofspace just flat out will not work. Fully utilizing the roof spaces of the other 60% might get you a significant surplus above immediate consumption to play with, but at the level the feedin tarrif is set to, that would amount to a gigantic redistribution of wealth from the poorer segment of the japanses population to the well off middle class.

.. Actually, nevermind whether it will work, paying double the german rate is just bugfuck insane. Germany is reducing that rate because the price of cells has come down, and the solar resource in Japan is rather better than the german one, just due to latitude, so the tarrif level set by the japanses is flatout a license for anyone that happens to own a roof to drain the coffers of the utilities and by extension everyone that doesnt own a roof. Massive social injustice, and fairly likely to get repealed and discredit green energy entirely in the minds of really large segments of japanese society.

Green cannot be a synonym for "the rich screw the poor" if it is to be in any way politically sustainable.

by Thomas on Fri Jun 22nd, 2012 at 01:04:50 PM EST
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