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Yeah...as much as I like to see new buildings architecturally more aesthetic then those from 60, 70, 80s, people there are not that happy. There are few reasons for this ...first that infrastructure is not adequate to accommodate now more people all tho these buildings are not too high (Belgrade is not aiming up to the sky like Australian cities). Most Belgrade streets are not very wide anyway (old city) and people park their car on the edges on a both sides. This makes streets even narrower so driving there is a nightmare for me after living in Brisbane for so many years. Yes those new buildings have garages but people tend to make either residential or commercial properties out of them because they are built on perfect locations, close to the centre of the city. The other reason people do not like higher buildings  is that they  want to preserve life style that they had, having a house and garden (as we had) in the middle of the city. But it is not realistic because Belgrade is rapidly growing...
As for Australia I do not know what is happening elsewhere but here in Brisbane there was a time when everything was changing fast so when we used to show Brisbane to our guests we would say " this building wasn't here when we came...this wasn't here year ago, this wasn't here yesterday joke." But for the last few years very little has happened. I must admit that they made for many years very big infrastructure traffic project airport link now finally in use...and that's about it...Here and there very little is happening. Having in mind all the money that comes from "dirt" these days one would expect more to see. Maybe mining areas in QLD are thriving but I am not sure. In September I am going to visit some friends in Perth (first time in Perth for me) so I will see what the "dirt" has given to them...


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by vbo on Thu Jul 26th, 2012 at 08:23:46 PM EST
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