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Having said that - it seems obvious to me that a basic strategy for the whole of Europe, but particularly the periphery is to end the dependence on energy imports. If you have your own energy, a big part of your wealth puzzle is solved.

there's the nucleus right there! that's what makes it so staggering about the collective blind spot that allows the present dependence on hydrocarbons, with all its tragic corollary ramifications, from spills and pollution in extraction, the price gouging, the dirty deals, and the terrible effects on inner and outer environments.

monti has announced that italy is going to reduce its energy imports from 80+ down to 72%.

great, one may think, until it emerges that his plan for this is to drill for more oil off and onshore in italy.

aaaargh! why is this not being utterly ridiculed? why are the PIIG countries, all more dependent on fossil fuels, imported for the most part, still enriching the most polluting industries, responsible for so much degradation, when these countries (well, barring ireland!) are saturated with huge and growing solar energy going unharvested?

why are we so blind, why don't we insist on visioning that helps us break away from these terrible cycles of consumption/destruction?

because these energy companies are still trying to control their markets through monopolisation through capture of the political process through lobbying and suppression of the simple facts, that a reasonably inteeligent 12 year old can interpret as being a no-brainer...

that quoted para of yours holds the whole essence of why i come to ET, and why i believe that as long as we countenance the present imbecility with regards to european energy policies, notwithstanding the intelligent deployment of solar and wind we have seen in some parts of the EU, ironically in a country where the urgency is if anything milder, in that there is less sun and the national economy is in a healthier state.

the ability of all these studious wonks looking at the energy overview of the EU to overlook this simple truth, that could transform the balance sheets of the peripheral countries in the most radical and fundamental way.

if there is a future, historians will scratch their heads how so many people can have been so colossally stupid and gulled for so long. europe has least reason of this ignorance, as we have already made so much progress in these fields, we are world leaders, yet actions like monti's are not treated with the derision they deserve in this day and age.

what it will take to wake out of our collective trance, i shudder to think, seeing the depth of ignorant denial we swim in, wrt energy. it's completely auto-lesionistic and as hard to watch as someone beating themself on the head with a 2 by 4 and wondering why they have a headache, and then setting right back to doing it some more to cure the pain.

what kind of growth can you hope for when 70% 0f your energy is bought from the north? it's like taking an aspirin when you're losing quarts of blood from sawing off your own leg...

italy spain and greece should be able to provide massive amounts of sustainable, renewable energy. instead we fantasise about sucking it from the sahara and continuing to import our way there to prosperity. even if that still beats more fossil foolery.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sat Sep 1st, 2012 at 12:53:02 PM EST

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